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Children of Arcanum: Book One

Amidst the throes of grief over the loss of her sister, Rebekah Daroh is confronted by a phantom. “Guardian,” it calls her as it searches her mind for something, or someone. Dragged into a realm of souls by the phantom, Rebekah begins to question her sister’s fate. With the help of unlikely allies, she sets out in search of answers.

    Niko Ortez, a Special Agent with the FBI, works on a slew of cold cases concerning missing persons, one of which is Rebekah’s sister, Nicole. Upon examination, the routine cases reveal something much darker at play and Niko investigates the disappearances, equipped with a haunting theory.

Paths cross and secrets emerge at the Armitage Hotel, where a violent storm imprisons the guests with a killer. Searching for answers, what lies in store for the budding agent and grief-stricken young girl will change both of their lives.


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